"Heissen ARE FOCUSED ON PROVIDING high quality and outstanding service required FOR PROJECTS TO RUN SMOOTHLY."

Today, Heissen is driven to provide the highest quality products, advice and service to its customers for their heating needs.


We’re immensely proud to be the preferred supplier for a number of national distributors and contractors, offering a local service with national support.


We cover each region of England, Wales and Scotland; surveying various projects and recommending the correct radiant heating systems depending on the customer’s needs.


Our aim is to expand our service and to continually introduce newer and more innovative products to the market.

getting the perfect heating for any project is as easy as 123...

getting the perfect heating for any project is as easy as 123...

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In order for us to recommend panels accurately and fairly, we survey a property to understand the space, insulation and heat requiremenets.

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calculating cost analysis

We accurately calculate heating requirements for areas, recommending the most suitable methods to reduce energy consumption.

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recommending products

Once we understand the space we are working with, we will recommend the best products for the job, save the most for the required usage.

The service we offer is backed up with our office support to provide complete project recommendations to demonstrate cost-savings and payback periods. Whether it's for an existing system or a proposed recommendation. Our expert team are happy to help with anything from simple questions to  detailed design and consultancy.


Heissen have worked with a lot of companies, specifying the best infrared heating for commercial applications.


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