• Heissen Team

Raising The Bar: Heissen's BH1800 Heater

Heissen offers a large range of far infrared heating products which are a superior type of heat to convection heating. Many contractors are looking for better alternatives to air curtains and our Vector heaters are a popular alternative.

The Heissen BH1800 heater is more cost effective than a traditional air curtain heaters, as well as offering the many other benefits of far infrared heaters, such as health benefits. Not only will the customer save on running costs, far infrared has many other advantages, such as:

  • Far infrared is a more comfortable form of heat that won’t be lost through draughts and open areas. When a door is left open, the hot air doe not escape, helping to make this heater more cost effective.

  • Easier and less disruptive install. Our BH1800 and BH2400 heaters come with 2 metres of flex and a 3-pin plug which makes wiring very simple.

  • The BH1800 requires lower running duration due to a quick heat up time and good heat retention.

  • The lower kilowatt rating of the overall system offers lower running costs.

  • The unit is small and discrete but with the ability to heat a large volumetric area.

  • There are no lights or moving parts and this heater does not produce noise, offering low maintenance.

Here is a cost comparison of a typical convection air curtain with a Heissen BH1800 bar heater.