• Heissen Team

Leisure Centre, East Midlands

Heissen infrared heating products are providing the solution for hard to heat areas, such as large warehouses, churches and poorly insulated residential properties.

We have helped local authorities, universities, companies and private individuals fulfil their heating requirements at low cost. Here’s an example from the many projects we have done:

It’s a large leisure centre in the heart of Lincoln, working in partnership with a major electrical wholesaler in Lincoln. We scheduled a site visit, took room dimensions and calculated the wattage needed, so that the heating was right for each individual area.

The upstairs office in the leisure centre suffered with severe condensation due to being above the pool. The convection heaters they were using didn’t help. Far infrared dealt with these issues due to its natural drying properties.

Infrared doesn’t heat the air. It heats thermal mass first (walls, floors, furniture) which then re-emits to increases the air temperature. It also directly warms people without wasting energy.

We then looked at the Café. It suffered heat loss due to a lot of glass along one wall. We installed our Vector space heaters which reduced the wattage in the area and looked discrete.

Their reception area was very chilly due to the double sliding external doors, which blew away whatever heat came from the fan heaters there. These old-style heaters were not only ineffective but expensive to run. We replaced them with our Sigma panels, mounted on special design ceiling fixing kits.

In the changing rooms we put a selection of our ceiling grid tiles. These fit as a direct tile for tile replacement and are only 350w each. As they fit flush with the ceiling, they provide “invisible” heating. And don’t have the fire risk of low hanging heaters.

The project was a hit with many members of the public and staff members. The contractors appreciated how easy the panels were to install, how the electrical loading was low so avoiding the special circuits that standard electrical radiators would have needed.

The Facilities Project Officer said, “Firstly I just wanted to say that following successful installation of the heating panels etc, feedback so far has been excellent. Staff, public and members have commented positively, so I just wanted to pass on my thanks for all your help with the project.”