• Heissen Team

Timber Manufacturer, Lincolnshire

Heissen infrared industrial bar heaters were specified and fitted into one of UK’s largest timber manufacturers. The aim was to heat the warehouse and its employees as well offer frost-protection to machinery. This has been a key factor for this project because production time was being delayed during the winter due to breakdowns and failures.

Working closely with the onsite engineering team the Vector range was recommended. These were installed over key areas in the production area to heat staff directly rather than attempting to heat the entire warehouse.

Like many projects the ROI on new renewable technologies is key as to whether it justifies the investment, or could the funds be better utilised elsewhere. In place was a typical oil-fired, piped radiant system which posed the following issues:

- Lengthy running times with the heat taking a considerable time to reach floor level

- System prone to leaks – number of maintenance issues

- Struggled to reach base temperature between December-February

- Cost of oil fluctuated to a highest of 47p per litre per hour, potential to go higher

- Heat being effected by roller shutter doors opening regularly

The machinery had a smaller SG200 and SG360 panels instead, recommend because of their slim profile (200mm x 900mm and 300mm x 1200mm respectively) so that would slide underneath and mirror the longer shape of the machinery and conveyor belts.

In the event machinery or workstations are moved, it’s not difficult to reposition the panels or bar heaters accordingly.

We received a great deal of positive feedback surrounding the installation; with no disruptions in production.

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