• Heissen Team

North Yorkshire Council Owned Library

Following the success of far-infrared being recommended and installed in some of

the UK’s largest companies and organisations; we now work in partnership with

one of the ‘Big 6’ energy suppliers for the UK.

We worked on a project which was part of an ongoing improvement with a council’s

energy consumption. It was brought to the council’s attention that a lot of their

buildings across the county were not energy efficient.

An energy performance model was made by visiting energy consultants and

potential developments were discussed including solar panels, LED and far

infrared heating as well as other services to lower on going running costs to save

the council money.

It was important for council to show to their borough that they’re making efforts

both to meet government budget restraints as well as attempting to go carbon

neutral either by 2030 or by 2050 depending on what initiative they’re following.

The council visited an application of far-infrared in Yorkshire and we’re satisfied

with the performance and ROI cost-analysis presented to them.

The local library was the first building which was converted to far infrared. There

was an existing suspended ceiling grid matrix in place suitable for 595mm x

595mm radiant ceiling panels.

Throughout the library the energy requirement came to 24 of our ceiling grid tiles

(CGT270) placed strategically above seating areas, corridors and desks. The

benefit of placing them above key areas is that whilst the heating requirement is

adequate for heating all the areas, the users below experience the heat sooner,

reducing therefore the heat up time required.

In the first quarter’s energy monitoring report, in combination with the newly fitted

LED the council is currently saving in excess of 50%. Features such as the new

programmable room controllers and motion detectors have meant that the heating

and lighting is significantly more micro-manageable than before.

The council have been impressed with the reduced running costs and how quickly

the installation took place. Far-infrared has since been installed into a day care

centre for elderly residents and are looking at various other locations in the