• Heissen Team

Packaging Plant in Bolton

A well-known national company faced a real problem with heating their five story Victorian former mill, which they used as a packing plant. Open spaces, high ceilings, uninsulated walls and huge areas of single pane windows added up to just about the biggest challenge in interior heating imaginable. Workers stood for eight hours a day and complained about feeling very cold. The 2kw fan heaters dotted about just didn't provide effective warmth.

During the winter months the factory tried to provide heating for workers as a general heat with large convection heaters however as this didn’t work particularly well with the insulation factors each worker would bring their own heater as well. The power consumption in the winters soon added up and the system was causing too much of a draw on the sub-station causing massive repair bills.

As a replacement we provided our 600-watt Sigma panels suspended down above each workstation with jack chain, the solution we supplied has transformed working conditions for people in the packaging department. The positioning of the panels is brilliant, with them suspended at optimum height and angled at the work area making sure that each worker was kept warm.

The panels installed in this large packaging department not only have made people's daily lives more pleasant, but they will save the company a large amount of money. When analysing the company's electrical bill, we calculated a saving of about £102,000 a year for this one building! A huge amount by any standards.

Big money savings. Happier workers. No maintenance. A win-win situation for this company, helping make them more competitive.

Further to the warehouse heating the company was so impressed with the cost saving and warmth that the heaters provided, that they have now installed the heating into the communal areas for the workers to take their breaks. Again, in this area they have had massive savings due to previously using 6Kw down flow heaters similarly going down to strategically placed 600w Sigma panels around the room.

The managing director of the company has noticed the cost savings but mostly the gentle heat that they provide and has further mentioned the other sites where the heating will be installed.