• Heissen Team

Versatility With Every Application: Heissen's Extensive Range

Heissen offers some of the best far infrared heaters on the market today.

We have broken down the extensive range of Infrared heaters we offer, showing super versatility with every application.

Vector Range - Universal Space Heater

· Powerful Output

· Minimalistic design

· Easy installation

· Perfect to heat larger areas

Suspended Ceiling Grid Range – A Heater That Is A Direct Replacement For Standard Ceiling Grid Tiles

· Direct tile for tile replacement

· Minimal heat loss to the rear

· Available; 595mm x 595mm

· Available; 595mm x 1195mm

Matrix/Element Range – Panel Heaters In Glass And Mirror Finish

· Slimline profile

· Stylish and discrete design

· Demists and helps eliminate condensation

· IP54 Rated

· Toughened Glass Front

Sigma/Infinity Range – Slimline Wall And Ceiling Panel Heaters

· Simple & minimalistic design

· Slimline profile 22mm thickness

· Powder coated aluminium fronting

· Epoxy resin bound rear insulation

The Benefits of Heissen’s Far Infrared Heating – Lot 20 compliant:

· Lot 20 compliant

· Rapid heat up times

· No noise, lights or moving parts

· Aluminium fronting to prevent discolouration

· Latest in carbon crystal heating element

· TUV safety checked

· Quick installation

· Low running costs

· Discrete design

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